Connect with an organization

Is there an organization that can be supported during the learning experience?  Are the students passionate about a cause?  Is there a way to reciprocate help? 

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Consider connecting with an Organization

Matone de Chiwit


 Matone de Chiwit is a non profit organization created by Karishma Bhagani aimed at delivering portable, cost-effective, chlorine-free water purifiers made from locally-sourced and sustainable materials to Kenya and surrounding areas. What if you connected with them to help the areas that need clean water. 

SFU Science in Action


 SFU Science in Action offers free science education to K-12 students at the Burnaby, Canada campus. These science outreach workshops are run by enthusiastic faculty members, graduate students and volunteers from Simon Fraser University.  More resources here: Education Resources

Telus World of Science


The Science and Innovators in Schools program from Science World provides free in-school presentations from STEM mentors. These volunteer career mentors connect with Grades K–12 everywhere in BC. 



 TeachSDGs is a group of educator volunteers from across the globe who are passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals. Their mandate is to encourage K-12 educators to teach the SDGs to their students as they progress through their curriculum. 

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