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Connections-based learning is one of the most effective tools teachers have at their disposal to empower students to tackle real-world problems of the 21st century. The approach facilitates teachers connecting their students to experts, communities, classrooms, and organizations so that they can learn from each other. This fosters 21st century competencies while involving students in local and global change making. 

This Math and Science conference gives educators the tools to employ connections-based learning in their own classes. The focus is on taking scientific and mathematical concepts and applying them to genuine real-world challenges  through connections. Join us for a packed conference of training, inspiration, and developing connections that make a difference for your students and for the globe.

Where & When

Where: Landstar Hotel, Makindye in Kampala 

When: January 10 and 11, 2019 

Conference Speakers

Sean Robinson @sr_tutor


Sean Robinson is a Canadian educator with a passion for local and global connections.  He is the creator of connections-based learning, an approach to teaching and learning that leverages the connected world.  Sean's students have participated in a range of real world endeavors: from competing to send experiments to the International Space Station to delivering 3D printed solar lanterns to battle light poverty in the Dominican Republic.  Sean is a founding TeachSDGs ambassador, igniting students around the globe to take action to meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. He received the Premier's Award for Excellence in Education for his work in the area of Technology and Innovation in October 2018. 

Catherine Nakabugo @CatherineNakab2


 Catherine Nakabugo is an award winning Math and Science teacher in Kampala, Uganda . Her students have won both regional and national Science competitions. Catherine has a passion for girls education and has helped girls gain valuable skills and experience through creating a number of school businesses. She is on the National Organising Committee of the International Day of the Girl Child and the National Menstrual Hygiene Committee in Uganda and actively campaigns for women's education and health issues. She was recognized as a Top 50 2018 Global Teacher Prize finalist. 

Pasha Ismail S. @Ikspasha


 Pasha Ismail S. is the Deputy Principal of Academics of Makindye Secondary in Uganda. He is a certified Google Educator and a passionate teacher of Mathematics. He is head of the Chemistry Department at Makindye Secondary School and is the author of several Chemistry and Science articles. He is Programmes Director for Direct Hand Foundation, a foundation focusing on Mathematics, Science, and Entrepreneurship, and the National Coordinator for the Chemistry Educators Society Uganda. 

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