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Educators from around the globe are using an app called Voxer to communicate on a deeper level than a Twitter chat. Connections-based learning has a Voxer community that meets here: #CBL Voxer Community. On this platform educators interested in connections-based learning can consider thought provoking questions, share ideas, and find support. The platform incorporates voice messages so educators can connect on a more personal level. Join us!​

#CBL Voxer Community

A Chat With A Difference

With Voxer, you can hear messages as people speak, or listen later at your convenience. You can also send text, photos, video, gifs, and your location. It works on any network on iPhone, Android, and the web.


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Over the years, there have been many ways for the CBL community to engage. I am so excited that you have chosen to participate in the latest endeavor: the CBL eMagazine.

I want to get into your hands the best resources possible to support CBL in your sphere of influence. I want you to know that you are part of global movement with CBL Champions around the world. And I want you to rock amazing CBL skills. The CBL eMagazine will help with all of that.

With this eMagazine, you'll be the first to hear about any new CBL materials coming down the pipe. You'll be first to hear when CBL resources like the CBL ebook go on sale (or free for that matter). You'll hear about CBL initiatives that you and your class or organization can join. And you'll hear what is happening in this sharing community with a mission to encourage people around the world to focus on human connection to accomplish their objectives. 

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