Engage in #ExpertLearning with the digital Human Library

The digital Human Library has hundreds of experts in nearly any subject area available to be signed out by teachers and classrooms to share their expertise with students.  It also has links to hundreds of free multi-media tours.  It is a one stop shop for getting connected and leveraging those connections for learning. 


Engage in #ExpertLearning with Virtual Researchers on Call

Virtual Researcher On Call (VROC) is an educational program that connects K-12 classrooms with Canadian subject matter experts through videoconference calls.  They have over 350 experts listed on their online directory to support #ExpertLearning in your classroom. These professionals and researchers not only share their work and experience but can become role models for your students even providing mentorship opportunities. 

 There's much to learn. Take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about CBL.