The place to start when beginning a CBL experience is right at home.  Can an interaction with the local community facilitate learning in the desired area?  Are there needs in the community that need to be addressed?  These are the questions with which to start.  Then begin to make the connection: write out an email, send out a tweet, make a phone call.  And with student safety and age-appropriateness in mind, keep in mind that students can be making these connections as well.  Here are a few ideas about possible community connections: 

Learning From the Community

Riverside Secondary asked all their grade 9's to connect with someone in the community. Here are a few of their stories:

Kelsey's story: Kelsey's connection with Krissy around students with special needs

Nana's Story: Nana's interview with a litigation lawyer

Liam's Story: Liam and his group connected with a physiotherapist for their scientist connection

Ali's Story: Ali Interviewed an airplane mechanic about making fuel efficient planes

Rola Tibshirani is an educator in Ottawa who embraces CBL and is always willing to connect her students to the community.


Rola's Entrepreneurial Adventure: Rola's students connected with a banker for entrepreneurship 

Learn while serving the Community

Rola's Student Designers: Rola's students connected with Humane Society, a veterinarian clinic, and students with autism within the school.

Designing with an Impact: Rola's students designed objects that could be useful for the school's special needs students. is a site full of volunteer opportunities for the Tri-Cities. Search for a volunteer organization in your community.

There are so many ways to learn through serving the community. Here are just a few:

Learn More hosts some fantastic courses to assist you in developing your CBL chops. 


 There's much to learn. Take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about CBL.